Swedish House Mafia - One (Your Name) ft. Pharrell

Group of three djs, producer and Erik Prydz, Swedish House Mafia never did the ultimate club hit until they released One (Your Name) in May 2010. We can see all four members in their website but group member Sebastian Ingrosso has stated that because Eric Prydz moved to London he is no longer considered part of the Swedish House Mafia. The trio remain close with Prydz, also known as Pryda, supporting many of his tracks in their sets.

Originally the song was written without vocals but it was made later on and it's even better.in my opinion. The european house sound mixed with producer and singer Pharrell makes this single the perfect club hit right now.

No Joy - Hawaii

You know, I've talked about the emerging indie Montreal band No Joy two weeks ago in the introduction of what was going to be The Tapedeck and when you think about it, I never actually posted any music of them. Well there's a reason for this, and this is certainly not going to gain me any blogger points, but yeah, when they first appeared on my radar, they had a Bandcamp page with two of their songs on it and how Bandcamp works is that if you want to download any mp3s you have to type in your email and wait for it to send them to your inbox and well, at that very moment, I was too lazy to follow through the whole process and told myself I would do it the day after, but I never actually got over that lazyness until a bit later, which I thought was too late to really post the songs. Yeah I know, what a terrible lazy blogger I am [sometimes].

Well I swear to you Laura Lloyd, ex-employee of the Underworld Boardshop and all of the current and future No Joy fans, that I will never be as lazy as I was ever again. And to build up on that promise, here's their first ever and slightly NSFW video for the lead single, Hawaii, of their debut LP Ghost Blondes out now via Mexican Summer.