Mixtape: I'm Here - Spike Jonze Film Soundtrack

Remember Deerhunter - Helicopterthe short film that Spike Jonze released earlier this year, a little bit after Where The Wild Things Are? It followed the story of a robot living in a human world where he fell in love with another robot. Doesn't ring a bell? Well you can watch it right here.

The soundtrack of the movie was finally made available to us, which might be months after the release of the actual movie, but with artists like Sleigh Bells, Animal Collective, of Montreal and many more artists that you would expect to score a Spike Jonze movie, indie film maker extraordinaire, I would say that it's still relevant.

Wolf Parade - Ghost Pressure x What Did My Lover Say (It Always Had To Go This Way)

Wolf Parade has always been one of my favorite Montreal act, so I won't surprise anyone when I say that their upcoming third album, Expo 86 (Produced by Howard Bilerman), is definitely one of the most anticipated album on my shortlist this year. Not only does the two sneak peeks [Ghost Pressure & What Did My Lover Say) that was released to the public last week, nothing short of fantastic, but there is rumours about Expo 86 to be released as a double album or packaged as an LP and an EP, making the following statement "Quality over quantity" not stand as not only does it will have the quantity, but so far, the quality is also omnipresent.

Expo 86 is set to drop on June 29th.